At Unlimited Services confidentiality is of top priority and importance to us when it comes to customers and job applicants.

We do not collect any information from our web site without your knowledge nor do we distribute or sell any information about our customers or potential job applicants. Information obtained from job applicants over the internet is sent to our server on a secure and encrypted portal that only Unlimited Services management can access. We protect your information by using security devices and security measures that comply with “Missouri State Standards”. These measures include physical and electronic computer safeguards, secured files with procedural processing guidelines held within our facility.

We do not share any applicant information or customer information with any employment marketing companies or their affiliates nor do we share any customer information with any outside marketing agencies.

Our web site is designed to offer information about Unlimited Services in Transportation, Inc. and the services we offer to the international and domestic shipping community, the general public as well as job applicants. Our web site does not store or retrain any information about job applicants or our customers.

Always remember that regular electronic communication; email to us is not secured. Therefore for your protection always be cautious in sending us private or confidential information pertaining to you or your company through regular every day email.

In the event you encounter any exceptions with our Privacy Policy contact us in writing at our corporate headquarters, Unlimited Services in Transportation, Inc., Suite 125, 9215 Riverview Dr. St. Louis, MO. 63137.